Why is bleaching recommended and what are its advantages?

Teeth staining is a natural occurrence and can worsen as a result of coffee, tea and tobacco consumption. Regular brushing and dental hygiene can only go so far in removing certain stains and discolouration. Bleaching can make your teeth significantly brighter without damaging the natural tooth substance.


However, it does not work on fillings or crowns, and they may need replacing.

What are the prerequisites for bleaching?

Professional medical teeth whitening is suitable for anyone who is in good health and has healthy teeth and gums.


Patients undergo a dental examination before the procedure, and those suffering from oral diseases such as caries and periodontitis are advised to seek treatment prior to having any bleaching done. Any abnormalities in the oral mucosa should be looked at by a medical professional before bleaching begins.


When is bleaching not an option??

  • Ceramic restorations (veneers or crowns)

  • Plastic fillings

  • Exposed tooth roots

  • During pregnancy or when breastfeeding


What is the cost of a meeting to discuss and ask questions about the bleaching options available at Zahnlounge?

We offer you detailed advice and help find the best solution for your teeth:

  • Clinical assessment and examination of caries, periodontium and oral mucosa.

  • Consultation about our bleaching options.

  • Initial meeting to get to know us should you suffer from dental phobia.

Duration: Approx. 20 – 30 mins | 80 CHF

What results can I expect from professional teeth bleaching??

The bleaching effect depends on the original tooth colour, the surface condition of the teeth and the cause of staining and discolouration. In certain cases, it might require several bleaching sessions to achieve the desired shade.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Yes. When carried out professionally and to the highest standards, teeth whitening is harmless. The active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, has been used for many years in the treatment of mouth and throat conditions. Extensive scientific and clinical studies have shown that teeth whitening is safe when carried out under the supervision of a qualified dental hygienist and using state-of-the-art products. 

Is there anything I have to pay special attention to after bleaching?

Correct behaviour in the first 48 hours after bleaching is crucial for a long-lasting whitening result. During this period, strongly avoid staining foods, drinks and spices, such as coffee, black tea, tomato sauce, curry, turmeric, red wine, soy sauce, etc., as well as mouth rinses that can cause discolouration. 

How can I make the results last longer?

Studies show that regular professional dental hygiene intervals can help to ensure the whitening results last longer. Thanks to the minimally invasive and gentle treatment method Guided Biofilm Therapy®, we are able to offer you the highest level of comfort.

If required, we can combine the dental hygiene process with a fresh-up bleaching.
When applied properly, individual oral hygiene and oral health aids and high-quality dental care products help to support the bleaching effect.

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