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Our dental services in Zurich-Enge

Personal care - your dentist in Zurich-Enge

We value a relationship based on trust. From prevention, check-ups and planning to advice. Our aim is to preserve your natural teeth.

We work exclusively with qualified dental technicians from the Zurich region.

Our dental services are charged at tax point 1.2.

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    Dental check-up

    Regular check-ups of your teeth, gums and oral mucosa are important for your oral health. Problems can be detected early, pain can be avoided and your teeth can be kept in the best possible condition.

    Arrange your personal check-up appointment online or call us on +41 43 817 65 61.

      Tooth preservation

      We do everything we can to preserve your natural teeth for as long as possible. Regular check-ups and preventive measures such as professional medical teeth cleaning in Zurich-Enge are important measures for the preservation of your natural teeth.

        Caries treatment

        The diagnosis and treatment of caries is one of the most important services in dentistry. Early diagnosis prevents severe damage to your teeth. We restore your teeth with state-of-the-art composites or, if required, with ceramic or zirconium overlays.

          Caries repair

          Repairing incipient caries without a drill.

          With caries repair, the tooth substance can be regenerated. This gentle method enables the correction of initial caries, white spots and demineralization - without any drilling, anaesthetic or pain.


              Inlays/overlays are laboratory-made restorations to fill larger substance defects. The significantly higher forces in the posterior region require inlays or overlays in certain cases to ensure perfect functionality and longevity of the teeth. Abraded or eroded dentition can be restored in this way easily and with little effort. We will advise you individually in our practice.


                If you need dentures, we will work with you to find an individual solution.

                  Crowns, bridges and prostheses

                  Crowns are the ideal solution for severely damaged teeth and are made of zirconium or all-ceramic. Existing gaps can be aesthetically restored using bridges, implants or dentures. Modern dentures or prostheses ensure the function of the dental apparatus and protect the remaining teeth from overloading.

                    Dental implants

                    A dental implant is an effective option for replacing missing teeth and restoring chewing function. An implant can prevent bone loss, tooth displacement, jaw joint problems and overloading of the remaining teeth. Dental implants are artificial titanium roots inserted into the jawbone and replace the natural root in the long term. The titanium screw is supplemented with a crown after the healing period.

                      Dental aesthetics

                      Beautify your smile with our dental aesthetic treatments by visiting a dentist in Zurich-Enge. Dental aesthetic treatments include, for example, our popular bleaching in Zurich.


                        Nobody has naturally perfect teeth. A decisive visual difference can be made with little effort. Veneers, made of ceramic by Swiss laboratories, conceal discoloration, slight misalignments or grinding abrasion. Veneers are customized for you to create a harmonious overall appearance. There is hardly any visual difference to real teeth.

                          Ceramic or zirconium dentures

                          We offer you a wide range of dental restorations. Such as crowns, veneers, inlays or overlays made of high-quality ceramic or zirconium. New ceramics and zirconium works are very resistant and harmless to health. The resulting appearance blends shimmeringly into the overall appearance of your smile. We would be happy to advise you in Zurich-Enge.

                            Root canal treatment/endodontology

                            Inflamed or dead dental nerves are located in the tooth roots and removed. The root canals are prepared and disinfected manually and mechanically. Inflamed tissue and bacteria are removed as best as possible using irrigation solutions. The root canals are then sealed tightly to prevent re-infection.


                              We help with acute or chronic toothache. Severely damaged teeth can lead to painful inflammation of the dental nerve. These foci of inflammation can be cured with root canal treatment. We also treat inflamed tooth roots by means of apicoectomy, remove your wisdom teeth and offer gum corrections.

                              If you have a toothache, please make an appointment with your dentist in Zurich-Enge online or call us on +41 43 817 65 61.

                                Sports mouthguard

                                To prevent injuries to the teeth during sport, we manufacture a customized sports mouthguard for you.

                                  Digital impression

                                  Reproducing the dentition with a tray and impression material is tedious for many patients and is often associated with considerable nausea. Whenever possible, we reproduce your teeth within a few minutes using an intraoral scan. Without impression material or gagging.

                                    Dental surgery services in Zurich-Enge

                                    We offer a wide range of dental surgery services at our dental practice "Zahnlounge" in Zurich-Enge.

                                    • Removal of wisdom teeth
                                    • Root tip resection: In the case of inflamed root tips or chronic infections, the tip of the tooth root is surgically removed to preserve the tooth.
                                    • Implants: Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are implanted into the jawbone. These dental implants serve as a stable base for dental prostheses such as bridges, crowns or dentures.
                                    • Mini implants
                                    • Slinging of displaced teeth
                                    • Removal of lip or tongue ligament

                                    Dental surgery requires specialist knowledge and experience. Our experienced dentist at the dental lounge in Zurich-Enge, Dr. med. dent. Cornelia Katumba, will be happy to inform you in advance about possible procedures, benefits, risks and costs.

                                    Call us on +41 43 817 65 61

                                      Aligner therapy

                                      In the dental lounge, we offer simple tooth position corrections using aligners.

                                      • In contrast to conventional braces, the aligners are made of clear plastic and are almost invisible.
                                      • We use a scan to visualize the desired tooth position in a digital simulation.
                                      • The aligners are customized for each patient. They slowly move the teeth into the desired position.
                                      • The splints are changed regularly to optimize progress


                                        Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are implanted in the jawbone. These dental implants serve as a stable base for dental prostheses such as bridges, crowns or dentures.

                                            Crunch splint

                                            Stress and other factors can lead to night-time teeth clenching or grinding (bruxism). In the long term, this can lead to tooth damage, jaw joint problems and headaches.

                                            The grinding splint is used as a therapy. It protects the teeth from excessive strain, reduces the pressure on the teeth and distributes the forces evenly. The grinding splint is mainly worn at night to reduce teeth grinding or clenching and prevent damage to the teeth.

                                                Second opinion

                                                If you are unsure or would like an alternative dentist's opinion, we will be happy to advise you.

                                                    Your dentist in Zurich-Enge

                                                    Our dentist Dr. med. dent. Cornelia Katumba has a Swiss state examination and works as a dental manager at the Zahnlounge in Zurich-Enge. Regular visits to the dentist are very important for maintaining your oral health.

                                                    Arrange your dental appointment now.

                                                    Dentist consultation

                                                    Dental check-up


                                                    To make an appointment for further services, please call us on +41 43 817 65 61.

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